From A Glass Half-Full to Overflowing

I wonder where the idiom of a glass being half-full or half-empty even came from. Can’t the glass be filled to the brim? Can’t the level of my optimism or hope exceed the limits of a small glass? Can’t I bring forth a hope and conviction so profound that it overflows, perpetuating all aspects of my life and the world around me? Because that’s what I feel is needed in my life and our society. Now more than ever we need to break out of the confines of our limited thinking and tap into the overflowing potential we all have within us.

The first thing I thought of when I read today’s prompt, is the slew of recent tragedies that have been coming our way. Sandy, Newtown, Boston, the list unfortunately goes on and on. Reason enough for many to feel that the glass isn’t just half-empty, but dangerously dry, and the world around us seemingly barren. As those around us struggle, lose hope, and deal with the realities and challenges of life, their optimism and hope gradually evaporate, and in some cases, their thirst overpowers them to the point of entirely forgetting the beauty of the world that surrounds them, and the preciousness of what lies within them.

We need to stand up and resolve to dig deeper into the wellspring of our lives until our society is overflowing with optimism, hope, and humanism. I shudder to think of what would happen if we continue isolating ourselves and let the lurking gloominess smother us in dark clouds. You do not need to be a history whiz to realize that our glass has been half-empty for a long time, and that maintaining that frame of mind has brought us nowhere other than in a circle. Wars continue, slavery continues, and young people commit murders on an all too frequent basis.

“Hope transforms pessimism into optimism. Hope is invincible. Hope changes everything. It changes winter into summer, darkness into dawn, descent into ascent, barrenness into creativity, agony into joy. Hope is the sun. It is light. It is passion. It is the fundamnetal force for life’s blossoming.” Daisaku Ikeda

These tragedies can serve as our wake up calls. We have to have the courage to reach deep down into our lives and change our state of mind. There is always room for expansion, there is always room for growth, and having a glass that is overflowing will allow us to take us to those greater heights. We have the power to plant those seeds for a better tomorrow and nourish them with the waters of our hope.


(Thanks for the pic, Google!)


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