Thirsting For A Voyage

Four more weeks and I can finally begin to attempt to quench the almost paralyzing thirst I have had for adventure. I grow cotton-mouthed when I think about my daily routine and to-do lists but once I start thinking about foreign languages, new people, flamenco, churros con chocolate, and the unknown, spontaneous voyages that await me, I begin salivating and my body pulsates with a tense and electric energy. Passion and craving for a voyage penetrates every cell flowing through my body.

Spending the summer teaching foreigners has been fascinating because I have heard so much about the way other people live on this lovely planet. But after a few months of this, hearing is just not enough and has become an almost sadistic form of teasing. I want to experience. I want to fully immerse myself into things unknown. I want to revel in it. I want to do more than just utilize every single one of my senses, I want to discover new senses I didn’t know I had. I look forward to those initial feelings of discomfort that eventually wear away. I look forward to that moment when it changes from culture shock to absolute adjustment…That is where the deepest sense of satisfaction stems from, and that is my hook, my sweet addiction.

I’m also looking forward to what my adventures will do for my writing and music. Growing up in NYC, the noise, distraction and crowds become old news after a while, and you need a break from it all. The city pulls my mind in a million directions every day. There is no place or time to simply be one with your thoughts and really connect to your environment because your environment is constantly shifting. It’s like an optical illusion. You think you see one thing but as soon as your eyes or mind strays in the slightest way you see something entirely different. How can one possibly formulate sentences or ideas or play the cello in peace when this is always the case?

And yet at the same time I am impossibly comfortable here. Comfortable in the sense that I have a routine, and as we all know, it’s hard to break out of a routine, and those spontaneous moments tend to die down.

Those new horizons, those new shores, those rocky waves, they are calling my name louder than ever, and I’m more than ready to cast myself into the sea and let those waves carry me to distant coasts.


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