Unwritten Letter

When you move to another country, how much of your past do you forget? How much of those unresolved things that you’ve left behind do you hold off versus address in your new location? After all, aren’t those things that you’ve left unresolved simply temporarily on hold? Will they not be there upon your return? Do you attempt to address them now, or do you wait until you get back, filled with new wisdom and experiences, hoping to attack them again with a different and expanded insight?

As I settle into my new life those issues that seemed never-ending and so pressing seem so distant and far away. They are no longer my priority, nor do I care for them to be. This adventure is about my personal journey. And yet…that unresolved situation at one point consumed my life, and I can’t help but feel that when I eventually go back home, it will become that again. So do I attempt to nip it in the bud and address those questions and doubts that are floating around in the universe waiting to be answered, or do I wait till I get back to see if they’re even still going to be in existence next year?

Does this year being one of a personal journey mean that I need to completely distance myself from that one thing that consumed me for years? Or should reflections on the situation be had while I’m here, away from the situation, presumably able to see it in a different light?

Do I write the letter I’ve been hesitating to write, or will it remain unwritten?


One thought on “Unwritten Letter

  1. Vic says:

    Write it, never run away from problems they are quicker, and it is better to close it and start new adventures without any backpack…

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