Traveler of the Month: Eric

compass-vintage-map-10622581Why do you enjoy traveling?

I enjoy traveling because I feel that at home I am not able to expand my horizons as quickly as I can in foreign countries. The input at home is familiar, I feel like I am exposed to the same sort of people, the same customs and habits. Abroad, people surprise me. I like having this uncertainty and excitement of not being able to anticipate everything in regards to food, culture, nature, public transportation, etc.

What is the hardest part about traveling?

Travelling gets hard when you get to a point where you seek your innate values from your home country and you start to miss things.

So how do you get over that?

I remind myself that my way is not the only way. Your choice is to take it for what it is or leave.

What’s your favorite place that you’ve been to?

Probably in the Philippenes. A remote island when island hopping. The island was untouched. It was the one time where I was blown away completely.

How do you identify?

If I had to put it down on paper, caring open-minded person that gives everyone a chance. I do stereotype but I would never do it with bad intentions. I am really interested in people and once we start talking I am so curious to find out who that person is. I trust people more in the beginning than others. This can be detrimental but I believe that humans are innately good.

What is your biggest dream?

To become a rock star! No, my biggest dream is to be appreciated and also a little looked up to for what I do. So what I do has to be of some societal value. It sounds a little cliché but also to have a beautiful family and a good job, and to help improve the world. My biggest dream is to live in the context that I have been able to create myself, I don’t want my life to be determined by external factors, I want to determine the context of my own life.

What is your biggest challenge?

There are no problems there are only opportunities. Even if you make a wrong decision you can get to a point where you have the chance to make the right choice. I think fulfilling my own expectations and reaching my own standards will be a challenge. I may reach a point in the future where I will have to say this is not possible.

What are your goals for your semester abroad in Costa Rica?

Perfecting my Spanish. Meeting a lot of locals and establishing friendships with them. Learning about their lifestyle and what it means to be a Tico. I want to travel and see beautiful parts of the world.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Whenever I see a person that is being exploited, or one person that is weaker than another, I will always help the weaker person. For instance when I see a homeless person I want to know what is or her circumstances are. I think you can learn a lot from these people, more than from someone really rich.

Tell me a random fact about yourself.

I still wear my retainer at night sometimes.


About the Traveler of the Week Series:

 It is my belief that as our world advances technologically, we are drifting further and further apart from each other as humans. I can’t help but feel that in our society as a whole there is a perpetual disconnect, and we are slowly beginning to forget how incredible and captivating people are. We must look beyond the surface of physicality, race, city of origin, Facebook profiles and Twitter statuses, etc. I hope that through these interviews my readers and those that I interview will be reminded of the excitement of truly connecting to a person. If there are questions you would like to propose feel free to leave them in the comments section. Taking my own goal to heart, all interviews I do are done in person, face to face, heart to heart. Also note that some interviews may appear inconclusive, as if some questions were not fully answered. Most likely this is the case. As we are all continually growing and changing, I prefer to keep the interviews this way and I believe that it speaks to the person’s character. Perhaps they themselves are still mulling over their answers. I leave it up to the reader’s to read in between the lines, and I only hope that I can do my best in accurately capturing the essence of the person.


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