Seeking The Sun in Cordoba

1545741_182625558614834_674568957_nIt’s been raining for a week straight down here in the “sunny” Andalucia region of Spain. I was never a person whose mood was easily swayed by the weather but after six days straight of gray upon gray upon gray, and with no travel plans for the second weekend in a row, something had to change. How lucky I am that soon after the start of this year I have met someone that I have a great connection with and whose sense and need of adventure is akin to mine. So after mulling it over and poring over weather maps to see which way that bloody stormy front was headed, we decided to head back to Cordoba for the second time this past weekend to chase the sun.

It was truly a magical day. We headed to the Arabic Baths, a tiny little museum, and the Archaeological Museum of Cordoba, which was also small but fascinating. After that we went to an incredible contemporary restaurant, Salmorejeria Umami, that serves these new and interesting combinations putting a twist on the traditional salmorejo. (I’m pretty positive I will be back at that restaurant at some point and it will deservedly get its own post). Considering how much delicious food and dessert we stuffed our faces with, we took a beautiful stroll across the Roman bridge and along the water, and eventually ended up in a cute cafe, La Tortuga, for tea and coffee, and a delicious cookie, the likes of which hasn’t graced my stomach in a while due to the surprising lack of popularity the cookie has in Spain.

What is it that made the day so magical? I have all of these heavy decisions weighing me down, wondering what my next move will be from here. Sure, I have five months left, but job applications are going up now, and interviews will be starting next month. I also have this incredible feeling of being trapped in my current job, with a painful aching for the day when I will have my own classroom, and once again revel in the joy of teaching. Normally, these types of things are ever-present on my mind and I cannot stop thinking about them. And even if there weren’t these major decisions looming ahead, I’m usually plagued by a to-do list that plays on repeat while I’m out trying to relax and enjoy myself.

It made me think of the often true saying that New Yorkers live to work as opposed to work to live. It’s the main reason why I left New York. The constant high speed action is productive, sure, but after a while your system starts deteriorating and like the robot you are, parts start sparking and smoke is coming out from everywhere as you disjointedly try to keep moving forward.

What made yesterday magical was that it was the first time I have been able to simply take a stroll and enjoy the magnificent simplicity of it all. In NY it was virtually impossible, considering the amount of hours I was working and the sheer amount of tourists that constantly swarm the city. To put a pause on the continual ups and downs of life and live in the moment is a difficult task indeed, but when you’re capable of doing it, it transports you to a place of utter calm and tranquility…a place where there are no words because words aren’t necessary. You just breathe, feel, and take it all in.


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