Traveler of the Month: Mandie

compass-vintage-map-10622581Why do you enjoy traveling?

I like traveling because I like seeing new things,eating new food, the feeling that comes with it, just doing something different. Even though traveling can sometimes become all the same.

What is the hardest part about traveling?

The money. It can be expensive. The hardest type of traveling is when you’re traveling for a long time without going home. That feeling where you have to see everything, but you can’t. You eventually have to accept that you can’t see everything in one place and you just have to let that go.

What’s your favorite trip?

In October 2010 I took a trip to Peru for my birthday. We went white water rafting, horseback riding, running around the Sacred Valley. We were always laughing. It was adrenaline packed. The feelings were amazing.

How do you identify?

I’m a person that doesn’t know what I want. I keep thinking that I envy people that know what they want and who have careers, but we always think that the grass is greener on the other side. I have goals, but I don’t know what I want those goals to be.

What is your biggest dream?

I think my biggest dream is to figure out what I wanna do and be happy doing it.

How will you figure it out?

I graduated from high school with a plan, then I kinda just floated through college until I found Spanish and anthropology. I found my way into Chile, I found out about teaching and living abroad. I feel like my life has been floating around. I just let circumstances happen and then kind of go from there. I don’t have any plan ahead, I don’t have any motivation to find the next step. I kind of just let things orbit around me.

What are your goals for your time here in Spain?

I’ve seen most of Spain. I need to practice more Spanish. Involve myself more in what’s going on, things around town. Taking advantage of what’s here because it’s not gonna last forever. By the end of the year, time’s up and I’ll say why didn’t I do this? I need to live here in the moment because I won’t live here forever. And see as much of Europe as I possibly can.

Tell me a random fact about yourself.

I love KU Basketball which is actually not random because I think most people know that. But what only a few know is that I’m super superstitious. It was a lot worse in college, where I wouldn’t allow certain men in the room while we watched the games (our own house rules), always wore the same shirt, alternating shorts whether or not we were playing home or away, sat in the same spot on the couch, etc. Now I’m not so hard core but even so far from home I’ll wear my game socks on game day, often sleeping in them because of the time difference doesn’t allow me to watch the game. And I always text my basketball buddy, M. Love my hawks! Rock Chalk!


About the Traveler of the Month Series:

 It is my belief that as our world advances technologically, we are drifting further and further apart from each other as humans. I can’t help but feel that in our society as a whole there is a perpetual disconnect, and we are slowly beginning to forget how incredible and captivating people are. We must look beyond the surface of physicality, race, city of origin, Facebook profiles and Twitter statuses, etc. I hope that through these interviews my readers and those that I interview will be reminded of the excitement of truly connecting to a person. If there are questions you would like to propose feel free to leave them in the comments section. Taking my own goal to heart, all interviews I do are done in person, face to face, heart to heart. Also note that some interviews may appear inconclusive, as if some questions were not fully answered. Most likely this is the case. As we are all continually growing and changing, I prefer to keep the interviews this way and I believe that it speaks to the person’s character. Perhaps they themselves are still mulling over their answers. I only hope that I can do my best in accurately capturing the essence of the person I interview.


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