Culture Series: La Caña & La Tapa

IMG_20150313_213109There’s nothing more that the Spanish love than drinking and socializing, and they’ve got a concept for a drink that completely reflects that. It’s called una caña.

La caña. It’s small, quick to drink, and super affordable at only 1.50-2 euros per caña. While it’s not necessarily the best beer in the world (think cheap, industrial, watered down beer), it reflects a culture that appreciates the art of socializing over drinks, and not  drinking with the sole aim of getting drunk.

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Culture Series: Less New Yorker, More Spaniard

Here are some signs that I’m becoming much more Spanish as my time in this country goes on…

1. I LOVE long, long walks after a meal

In New York, I didn’t really enjoy walking too much. I was in too much of a hurry to get to the next place in my jam-packed schedule and the train was the best and fastest way to do it.

Taking a healthy and refreshing walk along the coastline

Taking a healthy and refreshing walk along the coastline.

But here in Spain, a daily walk is very much considered a crucial form of exercise. It makes sense given Spain’s infamous “street culture.” I’ve gotten into the lovely habit of taking a walk after a meal, and I now don’t understand why I haven’t been doing this before. After a particularly delicious or heavy meal it helps with digestion and it overall adds to a feeling of satisfaction after a satisfactory meal. If you haven’t done this yet, try it one day.


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Culture Series: On Getting “Spanish Kidnapped”

Nothing like a two hour lunch on the beach of Salobrena...

Nothing like a two hour lunch on the beach of Salobrena…

I’ve never been one for talking. I’m not sure if that has to do with being a writer and being very particular about the words, both written and spoken, that I use, but I never feel especially compelled to contribute to a group conversation unless my words have some weight to them and my ideas have something of value to add to the topic at hand. That doesn’t stop me from enjoying listening, however. I enjoy learning about other people’s ideas and characters as they share.

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