NEWS!!! New Blog: Buddhing Traveler!

Dear Lovely Followers!!!!

I am so excited to announce the launch of my new blog. After shaking off the remnants of a very difficult and trying winter, it’s the time for spring and new beginnings. I’ve decided to take all of the negative energy I seemed to be accumulating during these cold and rainy days and change it into positive energy to invest into my writing and blogging.

That being said, head on over to World into Words for exciting travel stories!

I will of course be leaving LotusBlossomTravels because these tales have been so great as well. But from now on you’ll reach me over at World into Words.

Thank you all for you amazing comments and support! It’s been so great to be a part of this blogging community and I can’t wait to continue on this blogging journey with you all!


Searching for “Home”

I’ve been mentioning a lot lately about this desire that I’ve been feeling to put down roots and start a home. Though travel is, and will continue to be, one of my life’s greatest passions, I am beginning to look forward to a day where I can buy and own things that I love to decorate my apartment, or to be able to establish myself in one community, one place, for a longer period of time.

But what does this mean, starting a home? What does it mean to feel at home?

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The Powerful Unqualified Me

What can I, an unqualified individual with no connections to money, politicians, or any form of “power” in general, do to help change the world and contribute something of value?

In the face of what seems like a never-ending cycle of crime after crime and senseless violence, how do you keep hope alive as a single individual? How do you keep from feeling utterly powerless? How can you contribute something to the world to help turn the situation around?

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The Pressures of the “Right Decision”

You can’t write the pages for tomorrow without having first written the pages for today…

And yet why is it that I am practically obsessing about doing just that?

Having entered into my late 20’s, that societal pressure that we all face is growing heavier and heavier day by day. As children we are constantly asked about what we want to be when we grow up. In high school we’re pressured to know what we want to study in college. In college we learn to make 5 and 10 year plans. We are constantly taught to envision our future. And while it’s important to dream and to have goals, there almost seems to be an unspoken pressure to also have it “all figured out” by a certain stage in your life.

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Confronting Loneliness Head On

Hard as you can, you can’t outrun loneliness. And while a long hike or a good book may keep it at bay, I’ve learned that it’s not until you look it in the face and accept that it’s there, that you are really able to move on.

Loneliness is something that resurfaces constantly when you are a traveler, living in another country. Understandable considering you’ve uprooted your entire life and have left everything you’ve known from your family and friends to your eating schedule, behind.

I find it especially acute this year, despite it being my second year abroad, because I live alone. And the post-holiday loneliness was proving to be a beast that I could not outrun. It wasn’t even on my heels. No. It was on my back, breathing in my ear, taunting me, weighing down my steps, hard as I tried to move forward. Insert image here of what loneliness looks like for you. For me it’s a hairy green monster with huge claws and a sarcastic grin.

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Who Is Buddhing Traveler?

Revisiting the original purpose of my blog…phew. I’m grateful for the task because I can’t help but feel that it’s overdue for me to re-look at things, though I honestly have no idea where to even begin.

I started this blog after spending a couple of years on Blogger. I was about to embark on my first move overseas and wanted to start a  brand new blog, representative of the brand new waters I was sailing into. My original intent in blogging has and I feel always will be, to share my stories with the hopes of inspiring my readers to write their own stories. Though plenty of people have travel blogs, and entering the expat world isn’t necessarily a new and revolutionary idea, I hope that by writing about the internal revelations and ups and downs that I experience throughout my travels, my readers can relate and feel free to share what they’re experiencing as well. Normally we think of traveling as something exotic and romantic, but the truth is, it’s quite hard. I want to always be as honest as possible when I write and share all sides of travel and life abroad.

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