My Races Follow Me Wherever I Go

I just finished watching the film “Dear White People.”

Being completely honest the complexities of the issue that the movie attempts to address somewhat escape me. I think I’d have to watch it another time to capture all of it.

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The Powerful Unqualified Me

What can I, an unqualified individual with no connections to money, politicians, or any form of “power” in general, do to help change the world and contribute something of value?

In the face of what seems like a never-ending cycle of crime after crime and senseless violence, how do you keep hope alive as a single individual? How do you keep from feeling utterly powerless? How can you contribute something to the world to help turn the situation around?

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Who Is Buddhing Traveler?

Revisiting the original purpose of my blog…phew. I’m grateful for the task because I can’t help but feel that it’s overdue for me to re-look at things, though I honestly have no idea where to even begin.

I started this blog after spending a couple of years on Blogger. I was about to embark on my first move overseas and wanted to start a  brand new blog, representative of the brand new waters I was sailing into. My original intent in blogging has and I feel always will be, to share my stories with the hopes of inspiring my readers to write their own stories. Though plenty of people have travel blogs, and entering the expat world isn’t necessarily a new and revolutionary idea, I hope that by writing about the internal revelations and ups and downs that I experience throughout my travels, my readers can relate and feel free to share what they’re experiencing as well. Normally we think of traveling as something exotic and romantic, but the truth is, it’s quite hard. I want to always be as honest as possible when I write and share all sides of travel and life abroad.

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Changing In Ways I Didn’t Expect

I’m sure I’ve already written about this need I had in the past to plan my entire life out, or at least have landmarks I wanted to reach by a certain age. It’s funny how things change as you get older, and you realize that life isn’t a simple sequence of events that follow a particular order.

Really the fact that it doesn’t is a beautiful thing. As I get older and continue to travel I’m coming to enjoy the beauty of adventure and possibility. But it still continues to shock me how much a person changes in such a short amount of time when abroad.

I’ve only been in Gijon for about 6 weeks now, and yet I find myself changing in ways that I did not expect to change at all. For the better, of course, but I’m shocked at the direction in which those changes are leading.

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Learning To See My Body As Art

The nude body as art. This is a concept that I hadn’t seriously reflected on before (shameful to admit as a former art history student), but in our contemporary society the body is viewed as something that should appear a certain way, otherwise it is not to par and you are, in certain ways, inadequate. This is especially true of young women as the pressure of beauty standards suffocates us and this idea that we should look a certain way is cemented into our brains by advertisements and music videos.

When I was younger and fit thanks to martial arts, I really wasn’t too concerned about any of that. I didn’t understand why these skinny girls were eating salads every day for lunch and complaining about how big their hips were when really they didn’t even have anything remotely close to hips. Now, though, as I get older and my body changes, it is something that has increasingly been on my mind, if not in the back of it when I look in the mirror.

So when my good friend and professional photographer asked me if I would be interested in doing a nude photo shoot, despite initial hesitation, it only took me 60 seconds to decide to do it. I was interested in experiencing what it would be like to use and see my body as a form of art rather than focusing on what is “lacking,” and knew that I may never have an opportunity to do this again with someone I trust and whose work I admire.

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A Post About Nothing Really

I suppose I haven’t written because my thoughts have been too scattered to come up with a coherent post. I very much dislike writing random posts that don’t have anything to do with anything, but writing isn’t just about always trying to get some profound point across, right? It’s about setting free whatever emotions you’re experiencing.

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