Traveler of the Month: Kara

compass-vintage-map-10622581Coming right on the heels of my January interview with Mandie that I managed to squeeze in in the nick of time, please enjoy reading about February’s traveler, Kara.

Why do you enjoy traveling?

I enjoy just putting myself out of my comfort zone. I enjoy being forced to make friends and getting to know people that I might not normally get to know. Seeing places and being able to say yea I saw that is a fun part, but just being forced out of my comfort zone is the biggest one. I really enjoy trying new things. It’s easy for me to get stuck in the same old instead of trying new things, and I think when you meet new people it’s easier to get outside of the box.

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Searching for “Home”

I’ve been mentioning a lot lately about this desire that I’ve been feeling to put down roots and start a home. Though travel is, and will continue to be, one of my life’s greatest passions, I am beginning to look forward to a day where I can buy and own things that I love to decorate my apartment, or to be able to establish myself in one community, one place, for a longer period of time.

But what does this mean, starting a home? What does it mean to feel at home?

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Buscando Un Hogar

He mencionando algunas veces últimamente del deseo que tengo para echar raíces y formar un hogar. Aunque viajar es, y seguirá siendo, una de las grandes pasiones de mi vida, estoy empezando a desear un día en el que puedo comprar y poseer cosas que me encantan para decorar mi piso, o para poder establecerme en una comunidad, un lugar, por un período de tiempo más largo.

Pero ¿qué significa esto, a partir de  tener una casa? ¿Qué significa sentirse como en casa?

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Culture Series: Less New Yorker, More Spaniard

Here are some signs that I’m becoming much more Spanish as my time in this country goes on…

1. I LOVE long, long walks after a meal

In New York, I didn’t really enjoy walking too much. I was in too much of a hurry to get to the next place in my jam-packed schedule and the train was the best and fastest way to do it.

Taking a healthy and refreshing walk along the coastline

Taking a healthy and refreshing walk along the coastline.

But here in Spain, a daily walk is very much considered a crucial form of exercise. It makes sense given Spain’s infamous “street culture.” I’ve gotten into the lovely habit of taking a walk after a meal, and I now don’t understand why I haven’t been doing this before. After a particularly delicious or heavy meal it helps with digestion and it overall adds to a feeling of satisfaction after a satisfactory meal. If you haven’t done this yet, try it one day.


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The Powerful Unqualified Me

What can I, an unqualified individual with no connections to money, politicians, or any form of “power” in general, do to help change the world and contribute something of value?

In the face of what seems like a never-ending cycle of crime after crime and senseless violence, how do you keep hope alive as a single individual? How do you keep from feeling utterly powerless? How can you contribute something to the world to help turn the situation around?

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Las Presiones de La Decision Correcta

No se puede escribir las páginas para mañana sin haber escrito las páginas para hoy …

Y sin embargo, ¿por qué estoy prácticamente obsesionada con hacer precisamente eso?

Habiendo entrado en mis finales de los 20, la presión social que todos nos enfrentamos está creciendo más y más cada día. De niños nos preguntan constantemente sobre lo que queremos ser cuando seamos mayores. En la escuela secundaria estamos presionados para saber lo que queremos estudiar en la universidad. En la universidad aprendemos a hacer los planes de 5 y 10 años. Nos enseña constantemente a vislumbrar nuestro futuro. Y claro que es importante soñar y tener metas, pero parece que hay una presión tácita para también tener “todo resuelto” por una cierta etapa en tu vida.

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